From 2015-2017, I was a graphic designer on the creative team at Zefr. I got to work on projects ranging from designing end cards for major content owners and brands on YouTube, and creative marketing materials such as ebooks, infographics, splash pages and internal projects. Here are some of my favorites projects!

Zefr Skateboards.jpg

Zefr employee anniversary skateboard

TV3.0 Illustrations.jpg

TV3.0 research report

Evergreen 1.jpg
Evergreen 3.jpg
Evergreen storyboards 2
Beach gif.gif

Evergreen ad storyboard

Rebrand Illustrations.jpg
1 network.gif
5 Search.gif
6 Insights.gif
8 Social.gif
9 Report.gif
13 time.gif
12 Target.gif
14 Present.gif

Zefr 2016 rebrand. Animation by James Robertson

Zefr + IPG study landing page visual assets